>things to do that aren’t watching the super bowl

6 Feb


Workout: 4.3 mi., 45:20

Finally got my 4 mile “long” run in today. Friday was a no good, very bad day which led to a very drunk Friday night and a very hungover Saturday. So I knew the run wasn’t happening. Yesterday was a draggy hungover-ish sort of day. I took some Tylenol PM (read: several) and hoped to but up early to get my run in. Ah, the best laid plans … By 9:30 I was awake but laying in bed playing on my computer and catching up on blogs. It was cold in my apartment and warm in my bed. I finally forced myself to get up and get dressed, then fiddled around with my music. By the time I actually got out the door, it was almost 11am.

And let me tell you, it is hot in Los Angeles at 11 am. I have to work on getting up and out earlier or there is no way I’m ever going to make it through the summer. It’s only February, people! The first mile I felt tired and sluggish and I just couldn’t get going. My right calf was stiff and my breathing was funny. I couldn’t find shade and the sun was gross. I sort of settled in by mile 2, but I started getting some weird right ankle/foot pain. I think it’s because the sidewalks I was running on were slightly slanted. I felt like my Garmin (whom, I believe, I have decided to name Henry. Apparently to be a cool running blogger you have to name your electronics? Ok.) beeped way early for the end of mile 3. that made mile 4 seem absolutely interminable. I just wanted to be finished and not hot and curled back in bed. But i finished and that’s all that counts, right? Right?!?

I’m going to try to come back with another post this afternoon sort of re-evaluating my life and where I want to go (to say that there are some major changes going on would be an understatement). I make no promises, though. Not that there’s anyone reading this out there.


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