>So you had a bad day

9 Feb


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I want to say I had an awesome run this morning. I did not. All day Monday my knees hurt and they were still feeling a little wonky yesterday. Coupled with a broken elevator at work (seriously, multi-million dollar law firm?), I was toying with the idea of completely cutting out my run today. Then I remembered I’m fat and toyed with the idea that I’d just cut it to one mile. I hadn’t quite decided by the time I went to bed. Well, when my alarm went off and I snoozed it for 45 minutes, that pretty much decided it for me. As it was, I would have to haul butt to get even a mile in. I really wanted to just not go and take my time and look pretty and not feel rushed (like it seems I do every minute of every day lately). But I would really prefer not to be fat, so off I went. I ran my regular mile route and it SUCKED. S to the U to the CKED, sucked. First, there was a dog-walker walking 4 small yappy dogs who refused to move out of may way, forcing me to run on the grass which made my knees hurt (weird, right? Aren’t soft surfaces supposed to be better?). My sunglasses kept slipping down my face. I felt like I was working it only to discover that I was running pretty darn slowly.  Then I almost got run over by a delivery truck that was pulling out of a driveway. I spent a solid 5 minutes yelling at him about looking both ways before pulling out. I 100% used language that would make my grandmother blush (well, not MY grandmother, she’s pretty hardcore. But probably your grandmother). He stoically looked out the windshield and refused to look at me. Excellent.
When I got home, I proceeded to fumble with my keys. It looked like somehow my key got bent and it wasn’t fitting into the lock and I started to panic at the idea of having to wake up my roommate. Then I realized I was trying to open the front door with the mailbox key. Superb. I finally got inside, showered, put on fancy new jeans and fancy new shoes, looked almost skinny and sort of felt better. Sort of. However, I still can’t shake the feeling that the day started off crappy and it’s only going to get worse. I’m trying not to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy, so even though it made a few minutes late to class this morning, I put on makeup and got coffee on my way in. It’s going to be 80 degrees in LA today. I have a 6 hour break in between classes that I usually spend holed up in the libs, but I think today I will go get a manicure. It’s the little things.
Do you let a bad run get you down? How do you shake that feeling, or does it just haunt you for the rest of the day?

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