>Exercise Induced Apathy

16 Feb


35 min. elliptical
25 min. bike
Various arm/leg/ab strength thing-a-mag-jigs

Today felt like a really long day. I had no motivation to be a real person at all. I woke up feeling super anxious (it probably had to do with the 3/4 box of chocolates I had last night … or the half bottle of wine). I felt like I sleep walked through work all day. But I knew I’d get to go to the gym later. That was only thing that kept me even halfway sane.

The gym was pretty phenomenal. I was actually dripping sweat by the end and it felt like all of my anxiety was gone, at least for a little bit …

Then I cam home and finished my box of chocolates and let the roommate convince me to have Taco Bell for dinner. I’ve been pretty frustrated lately about my weight loss (or lack thereof) and I think I’ve found the culprit – exercise induced apathy. Whenever I go to the gym, I feel like it gives me license to be lazy. It’s ok to eat that extra piece of bread – I went to the gym today. I can take the elevator instead of the stairs – I went to the gym today. Two glasses of wine? Why not, I went to the gym today. As I write this, I’m popping chocolate and drinking wine. It doesn’t seem to really happen when I workout late in the day – I very rarely give into prospective apathy. But when I run in the morning (which is what my schedule has been requiring lately), I take it as license to go nuts. I’m really going to have to try to reign that in!

How was your workout today? Do you take a workout as the go ahead to binge eat?

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