Some Random Thoughts on Week 1 of the 40 Day Challenge

2 Jun
1. I’m officially in love with this challenge.

2. I am nowhere near as sore as I thought [assumed] I’d be. In fact, I don’t feel sore at all. Did I just jinx myself? Probably.

3. I need to get more running clothes or be a grown up and do laundry more often. So, buy more running clothes then.

4. I have found the PERFECT way to stretch my hips/hamstrings/whatever that weird thing that hurts on the side of my leg is called. Here’s the problem: It involves awkwardly draping my leg over the side of the treadmill. I’ve definitely gotten my fair share of “what on earth are you doing” looks. Embarrassment I can deal with, the real issues is that I don’t have anything that’s the same height in my apartment. But don’t worry, I haven’t given up. Yes, I throw my legs over random surfaces in the apartment. Yes, my roommate thinks I’m out of my mind. It’s cool.

5. Have I mentioned I love this challenge?

6. I have a really hard time just running – not playing with the speed on the treadmill or trying to make the next mile faster than the last. I don’t want to push myself too hard too early because I know I still have 31 days left of running. But it’s really hard not to try to go just a little faster. This might come back to bite me in whatever that awkward muscle is called.

7. I’m really lucky to have such a super flexible [read: completely self-imposed] schedule so I can squeeze my runs in whenever I want. I’m not sure I’d have the time or the energy if I were working a regular 9-5 job. Yay bar studying?

All in all, I think this has been a really positive experience so far. It’s definitely helped to keep me on track with my training and motivates me to get moving every day. I think it would be very easy otherwise to get so caught up in studying that I never left my apartment. I’m already thinking about what comes after the 40 days and I’m so pumped for Long Beach training!* Starting next week, I’d like to try to add more weight training in, particularly working on my upper body.

Anyone else doing the challenge? Have any awesome arm exercise I just HAVE to do?

*NOTE: Ask me again in a week and I may have an entirely different opinion =)


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