Oh, Hello …

26 Aug

There’s a solid chance I’m the worst blogger ever. I’m cool with that. You’re probably asking yourself, “Where have you been all summer?!?”

Wait, you weren’t asking yourself that? Too bad, I’m answering it anyway, suckas.

I have been taking the California Bar Exam all summer. In case you were wondering, bar studying sucks. Seriously. Sucks. I spent about 12 hours in the library every day (on a good day), trying to memorize massive amounts of information and having an average of 14.2 panic attacks a minute. It really sucked. Have I mentioned it sucked?

I also kept up with my running much better than I expected. I found that running after a long day at the library helped me to really decompress. It let me leave studying at the library (or as much as that was possible). I ended up doing a lot of my longer runs at night when I got home from the library. Sometimes it was great, but there were definitely times when it wasn’t so awesome. I certainly don’t live in a bad neighborhood, but when you’re on mile 12 and it’s 11 pm, you start to see things in the shadows. Or at least I did. Because I’m crazy.

So what am I doing now, you may ask. Oh, wait, you didn’t ask that one either? I’m answering it anyway. My blog, my rules. Now that the bar is over, I’m in in hardcore get-a-job mode. Seriously, doesn’t anyone want to hire me? I’m great. And snarky. That’s got to count for something, right? Apparently not.

I’m also nearing the end of my training for the Long Beach Marathon. Um, eep much? As this lady reminded me, the marathon is just over 6 weeks away. Yikes! I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about it. I’m definitely in the best running shape I’ve ever been in. I felt really good after my 15 miles a couple of weeks ago. I missed a 16 miler last weekend (my sister surprised me with a trip to New Orleans and there was no way I was running that far in 132% humidity. I did manage the sweatiest 3 miles I’ve ever run. Champion.). I’m scheduled to do 12 this weekend, so I may just add on 4 more? Maybe? I haven’t quite figured that part out yet.

So, that was my summer. Or, lack of summer. How was your summer? Anyone else out there running Long Beach? I heard there might be beer.


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