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7 Random Things

8 Nov

My NYCM race recap is coming. I promise. I’m still so overwhelmed and humbled and happy and amazed. Seriously. No words.

In the meantime, this pretty lady tagged me as a “Versatile Blogger.” Fancy, right? I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then tag 15 people. Well, I’m not going to tag 15 people, because I don’t think 15 people like me enough to play along. BUT. I will tell you 7 things about myself.

1. Almost 6 years ago I was hit by a taxicab while crossing a street in midtown Manhattan. I got thrown about 15 feet and hit my head on a curb. I had 22 stitches and 2 staples in my head. I also have a huge bump on my left shin that pops up from time to time. It’s weird. No one knows what it is.

note: not the actual taxi

2. I run on my toes. It’s weird. I sort of hop along like a rabbit. Apparently this is how fast runners run. Could have fooled me.

artist's rendering of what i look like running. true story.

3. I’ve lived in 3 states – New York, Virginia and now California. I’ve loved them all for very different reasons.

all very geographically accurate

4. I speak 3 languages – English, Latin and 4th Century Attic Greek. I guess it’s more appropriate to say I “read” 3 languages.

this is the getty villa in malibu. it's amazing. if you want to go, let me know. because it's that great.

5. I love very dirty gin martinis. I’m only in it for the olives. My Grandma says gin is sin. She’s probably right.

now i really want a martini in the middle of the afternoon. things i do for the blog.

6. Whenever I’m scared or nervous or bored or anxious I recite the Presidents in order. If it gets really bad, I alphabetize them.

yup, these ones.

7. I’ve run 3 half marathons and 1 full marathon. I still wouldn’t call myself a “runner.” I just play one on tv.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me more about yourself, and link to your post in the comments =)


NYCM Goals [spoiler: Don’t Die.]

5 Nov

I can’t believe I’m running a marathon tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’m running THE New York City Marathon tomorrow.

these are all over the city and i love them

The whole thing is completely mind-boggling. I remember watching the marathon with my family growing up. We’d get hot chocolate and set up along 4th Ave. near BAM and watch for hours. I never in a million years believed that one day I’d be one of the runners. In the last year I’ve run 3 half marathons, lost a boyfriend, graduated from law school, took the bar and gained some amazing friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who’s been there for me these past few months – you’ve listened to me when I freaked out, let me wear slippers to bars when my feet hurt too much after a long run and always reminded me that I CAN do this.

Ok, Sapfest 2011 over. Let’s get down to the fun stuff.

welcome to the ing nyc marathon!

Last night, my sister and I headed over to the expo. Because I’m super shady, I wasn’t picking up my bib but I really wanted to walk around and take in the sights and the feel and the experience! I may or may not have bought some “hell, yes, I ran a marathon” gear [including a possibly premature 26.2 bumper sticker].

After dinner, I picked up a pizza and some wine. My sister and brother in law came over and helped make some sassy signs. My whole family is going to be spread out along the course holding sassy signs. My sister made sure to make signs that were geared towards me and signs that were geared towards all of the runners. I’m so excited to see them along the course!

my doofy brother in law. he did not believe this picture would be on the internest. sucker.

And now, drumroll please, my goals for my very first every marathon!

  • Goal A: Enjoy myself! – This is my first marathon in my home town. I know every inch of this course [ask me about the time I got lost and just kept going over the Willis Ave. Bridge for an hour]. I don’t want my family to see me suffering or in pain or miserable. I don’t want to hate this experience and never want to do it again [especially because I’ve already registered for my second marathon … whoops!]. So I want to enjoy it! I’m going to take my time, soak it all in and just smile! (Thanks for the advice, Melissa!!)
  • Goal B: Finish in under 5 hours – This is a super distant second goal. I think my training has prepared me to finish in under 5 hours but if, for any reason at all, this doesn’t feel attainable, then I’m chucking it out the window. The course limit is something like 9 hours, and if it takes me 9 hours to finish, that’s what I’m going to do.

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!

And a special good luck to #teamawesome running the Athleta Iron Girl tomorrow! Kick ass and take names, ladies!