My poor little blog has had its fair share of starts and stops. I originally started writing this blog in 2007, deleted it, started it again, deleted it … you see where this is going. I got pretty serious about it in Feb. ’11 but then some weird personal things got it the way. Coupled with finals, graduating law school, studying for and taking the bar and my poor little blog became firmly planted on the back burner.

But good news! I’m back! You’re excited, I can tell. I’m trying to find a job, training for my first marathon and dealing with your typical “OMG I’m a 20-something and don’t know who I am or what I’m doing” issues. Follow along, I’m not quite as boring as I seem!

Why Gidget?

Growing up, I LOVED the Gidget movies (Sandra Dee is the best Gidget, but “Gidget Goes Hawaiian” is obviously the best movie). My sister used to make fun of me when I got gung ho and dorky about things and tell me I was “Gidget going …” When I started getting interested in running (and started talking about it all the time), she said to me, “What is this, Gidget goes running?” And it stuck!


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