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Long Beach Half Marathon Race Recap Part Une

12 Oct

In which our heroine eats and drinks her weight in carbs and has a mild panic attack.

I spent most of Saturday doing a whole lot of nothing. I was pretty solidly exhausted and a little bit jetlagged, so I let myself sleep in and just lounged around for most of the morning. In fact, I spent so long doing absolutely nothing that by 2pm I realized if I didn’t get my butt in gear, I wouldn’t have time to hit the expo and make my delicious carb-loving dinner with these lovely ladies.

The expo was perfectly lovely although I managed to get a bit lost on my way there (ironically enough in the very same piers that would slow Sarah & Emily the next morning). I found parking right next to the convention center which was pretty perfect. I picked up my bib and after asking around for a bit managed to downgrade from the full to the half. It was a little disappointing but I reminded myself that I was/am unbelievably lucky to be running New York in a few weeks.

From there, I headed down to Seal Beach to meet Emily, Sarah and Julie for a delicious dinner. Things that I like about these ladies:

  • They enjoy liquid carbs. I was worried that they would get all judge-y if I ordered a pre-race beer but when I got there, Em and Sarah already had ice cold brews in front of them. Excellent.
  • They didn’t judge when I ordered extra cheese on my 4 cheese pizza. A love of cheese is an essential part of all of my intimate relationships

I paused for about .5 seconds so Emily could take this picture

  • They bring their own dessert. No, seriously. Julie brought a huge bag of Halloween candy to dinner. Because she’s great.

Because he could tell we were those girls, our waiter brought us delicious, delicious chocolate wine as an aperitif (yeah, that’s a fancy word for more alcohol). I’ve actually had chocolate wine before but the other ladies hadn’t. It basically tastes like Yoohoo, but better.

This was the 437th picture we made the waiter take

After a solid 5 hour dinner I headed home to lay out my clothes and get to bed. I chugged some water and plugged in my Garmin and my iPod. As I started laying everything out, I noticed that the charging light on my IPod wasn’t on. Hoping it was just incompetence, I fiddled with it for a while but the pretty little light still wouldn’t cooperate. I tried turning it on and got nothing. Now I had a decision – go buy a new iPod or try to just use my phone. I decided not to chance it and ran over to Target. Crisis averted.

Hello, little friend

 I spent way too much time loading up my music. I had hoped to be in bed by 10 but I didn’t put the finishing touches on my master playlist (that was about 6x too long) until about 12:15am. Hoping I hadn’t completely screwed myself, I headed to bed. Seriously, it felt like I blinked and my alarm was going off. Race day was here!

Next up: Part Deux – In which our heroine has a solid race and does not die but almost melts …

Pictures shamelessly stolen from Emily

Running with Friends

14 Sep

Confession: I’ve never successfully gone running with someone else.

I’ve got a lot of running insecurities. One of them is that I’m freakishly slow. Another of them is that I will collapse after mile 1 and not be able to finish. Because of these things, I’ve always shied away from running with other people – what if they want to run faster or farther and I just can’t keep up?

All of these scary things where swirling through my head last night when I met up with my friend Kim to run 5 miles. Kim just ran the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon and she’s more than a little fast. She promised we could go “as slow as I needed to” but I knew I’d be horribly embarrassed if she started to pull away and I couldn’t keep up. I was also petrified of trying to run & talk at the same time. Isn’t it enough that I run and don’t fall down?!?! I kept trying to temper her expectations – I hadn’t run much last week because of my move, my legs were still oddly tired from the 5k on Sunday, I haven’t been sleeping well et cetera et cetera et cetera (said in the King and I voice [we can be best friends if you get that reference]). She kept telling me it was fine, but I wasn’t buying it.

We decided to meet at one of our favorite restaurants, run 2.5 miles out and back and then have delicious, delicious pasta {seriously, if you’re ever in Santa Monica, check out Fritto Misto on Colorado – cheap and delicious!}. Right away, I had a problem – I had to pee. Could we find somewhere to stop, or would that be a dealbreaker? Kim promised it was fine, we’d swing by her office, there was a Starbucks in the lobby. As we started to run, Kim completely let me set the pace. After a brief pitstop at Starbucks we were off and running. And you know what? It was great! Seriously. I’d never been really convinced that running with someone else made running easier, but it really is true! The miles flew by as we talked about everything under the sun. Before I knew it we were back at the restaurant and enjoying pasta and Blue Moon and even more awesome conversations.

I’m so happy that I have a brand new running friend! The run really made me wish I had more training partners. I really enjoy running by myself, but sometimes running for hours at a time can get kind of lonely. Nobody wants to be alone with my thoughts for 4 hours. I think next training cycle, I’ll look into more group training opportunities.

Any tips for running with other people?

>Debbie Downer Diets

21 Feb


Finally got the alliteration down, thank you very much. I know you’re all impressed.

There was no workout today, hence no workout recap. I spent the morning being truly lazy, convincing Moondoggie to rub my knees and icing. I spent the afternoon learning about determinate sentencing schemes (don’t be jealous about how exciting my life is). I’ve been trying not to be too down about my knee – I’ve left a message with my doctor to get a referral for a PT and I’ve been doing an unbelievable amount of research on the internetz re: stretching/rolling/icing/generally fixing my IT Band. Hopefully I can get this taken care of sooner rather than later and be quasi-back on my (running shoe clad) feet. Until then, I’m looking at lots of short slow runs in my future.

One good thing to come out of this weekend was a pretty lovely (and surprising) weight loss. I’m down about 4 pounds since this post. I had suspected said weight loss for a while now, but wanted to see the lower number a few days in a row before making it “official.” I’ve only got about 5-10 pounds to go now, so that’s something. Hopefully my decreased mileage won’t adversely affect my weight loss. Time for more weights/elliptical/dance classes. It’ll be fun to switch things up a little bit, but I’m not convinced anything is quite as effective as running.

Another thing that may or may not have affected my weight loss was my deliciously glorious apple walnut french toast that I inhaled ate at brunch. I’m ok with that, though. Gidget’s #1 Rule: Never skimp on brunch.

How do you deal with injuries? Anyone have any awesome weight loss secrets?

>Carbo Loading

12 Feb


It’s ok to carbo-load before a 5 mile run with past … and red wine. Right? Right??

I thought so.